About Us

We are a small independent video production and distribution company dedicated to bringing true stories that inspire and educate to light.

When you come to this site, you will find products that are family friendly, and are geared toward showing the amazing things that people have and are accomplishing.

If you have a film that shows the strength, resilience, love, or dedication that we as humans are capable of, please contact us. It doesn't need to be a professional production, but the story does need to be well told.
We are very interested in featuring the works of the up and coming documentary film makers.

If you have a story that needs to be told, please contact us. We believe in the importance of shining a light on the positive side of living, and unfortunately, too many important accomplishments go unnoticed.

We are hoping to be the meeting point for those that tell the stories that have meaning, and those that are searching for them. 

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C - A Celebration of Life,C A Celebration of Life,Celebration of Life,A Celebration of Life,Mission Positive Films
Click to Watch Movie Trailer of C - A Celebration of Life
Celebrate Life Honolulu,C-A Celebration of Life,C A Celebration of Life,A Celebration of Life,Celebration of Life, Click to Watch Slide Show of the Celebrate Life Event in Honolulu
Celebrate Life Fighter & Survivor Slide Show,Fighter & Survivor Slide Show,Mission Positive Films Celebrate Life Fighter & Survivor Slide Show